During the due diligence and pre-development phase, the development team works jointly as a single, integrated entity.

Due diligence and pre-development activities include initial negotiation and execution of certain legal agreements (e.g. memorandum of understanding, letter of intent and/or ground lease), conducting all necessary studies and market research, design and construction studies, conceptual design criteria and value engineering, and quantity and price development working with local and regional suppliers.


The Americus development team begins by developing the final design with the intent of arriving at a guaranteed maximum price contract as soon as reasonably possible. We take full advantage of the design/build delivery method and maximize the overlap of design and construction activities to minimize cost and promote efficiency.

Design/build phase activities include development of a quality project management plan, identification of cost and schedule controls, and development of document and progress management systems.


The key to every successful project is the organization and management of project goals. Ensuring successful project development requires a balanced and systematic approach to planning and delivery.

This includes maintaining cost, schedule, and quality performance while also developing a strong, service-focused relationship with the client. We focus on gaining a comprehensive understanding of the client's needs and expectations to develop a project design that meets those needs, including identifying critical success factors. Facilitating the occupancy and turnover of the finished project to the client through an identified transition plan, and delivering the project on time and on or under budget, are key elements of ensuring project success.